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Paramedical Tattoo

Paramedical Tattooing is a process in which the use of modern tattoo equipment is utilized to rectify a medical condition/ or procedure.  We use our skill and expertise to fix skin pigmentation and camouflage surgical scarring.

Pigments, colors and shades have come a long way in the last 100 years.

Modern Tattoo machines too have become state of the art.

These innovations, in the hands of a skilled

practitioner , will mean your results will be life changing.

Every request is unique, so don't be shy to send us an enquiry for a

No Obligation Free quote.



We want to give you your confidence back, our mission is to have our clients find the freedom of being comfortable with their appearance again. Restoring their ability to experience life without the burden of self-consciousness. We strive to assist your body positive outlook.

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