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Laser Tattoo Removal

YES you DO still have options!

Using our state of the art Laser Technology you don't have to put up with that unsightly Tattoo any longer. Here at SMP PRO Clinic we use Nd Q-switched YAG Laser which disperses ink pigment under the skin so your body can naturally process the ink particles and fade your Tattoo over time. Some people choose to have multiple procedures over months to remove tattoos totally, or you may want to dull the appearance of an old Tattoo so you can cover it / update your ink canvas.

The choice is totally yours.



We want to revitalize the way you look, and open up possibilities to better opportunities.

If you are unhappy with the ink you have, we want to help you find the happiness again.

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We strive to assist individuals find their confidence again. We want to offer an affordable fix to NZ's bad tattoo epidemic, making a difference one bad tattoo at a time!

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